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The project is a closed ecosystem with the help of which it is possible to solve all problems, both for an ordinary user, and for the whole Internet or crypto project.

Announcements (2P2 cryptocurrency purchase / sale platform between users)

In this section, users create their own ads for buying or selling BTC / LTC / DOGE
or choose from other counter ads published by other users with a filter by payment methods:
Payment methods are constantly being added and are available today:
VISA, MC, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, ADVCASH, Alipay, ePayments, M-PESA, PAYEER, PayPal, Paysend, SKRILL, UnionPay, WeChat, Western Union, WalletOne, etc.

This is a global section in which almost all world currencies and all popular payment methods are presented, both for the CIS and the world as a whole.

From the pros:

- At the time of the transaction and until its completion, crypto coins are blocked on the seller's escrow account (To guarantee each transaction).
- After confirming the receipt of funds from the buyer, crypto coins are transferred from the seller’s escrow account to the buyer’s trading account.
- If payment for the transaction did not come from the buyer within 7 days, or the parties decided to break the transaction, then there is an arbitration system,
which will complete the transaction immediately if the parties have no complaints against each other or put the transaction on hold until the parties have completed the proceedings.
- The guarantor of each transaction is the site.
- The possibility of correspondence between the seller and the buyer on a specific transaction
- online / offline mark users in ads, for quick buying or selling with someone online.
- Rating and reviews by sellers and buyers.
- Purchased crypto coins can be transferred from the trading account to your own crypto wallet or used in other services of the site, for example, in trading on the exchange.
- The platform notifies of all transactions by e-mail and / or messages in Telegram
- When submitting an advertisement, you can set the lifetime of the advertisement from 1 day to a month. An ad will automatically be removed from publication after a specified lifetime.

Commission for the sale of an ad is charged only from the seller, for a successfully closed transaction - 0.1%