BTCSpinner(New Version)Spin the wheel(free 100 spinBonus),faucet,Big Lottery!
[It had good reputation in the past & Paying]
Now, it is a wheel with a lot of prizes.
Getting 2500+ satoshi is not uncommon.
100 FREE spins with Signup
Spin the wheel+
BIG Lottery+
Faucet Every Hour &
3 free lottery tickets/hr

Pays direct to wallet.

Betfury-BTC&BNB Faucet -2200 sat BNB / 20 min+Dice & More [LEGIT]( Passive income)!
 BTC & BNB Faucets
Claim 2200 sat BNB /20 min
& Many ways to earn like Dice etc.,
1-100 satoshi every 5 minutes.
Easy captcha


Next Instant Payout
Faucet+ads+lottery+surf+shortlinks+hi-lo etc.,

min: 500 satoshi (faucetpay)

Inbox Cash ---BTC to click emails!Min.0.01$ to FP,PM,Payeer--No captcha!No popups.

Inbox Cash ---Get paid to click emails!
BTC for  just clicking email ads (Legit)!No captcha!No popups.
Receive daily emails from advertisers with links.
Just click the daily links & get paid!No captcha!No popups!
Min: 0.01$ (INSTANT to Faucetpay,payeer,PM, etc.,)[/b]

CryptoBO-Crypto based First binary option +Free 500 sat.Sign Up Bonus
Crypto based First binary option
[Just guessing BTC price will go up or down in a min.(Turbo ) or 15 min(Pro).]
Free 10000 sat.Sign Up Bonus on real account. … NeJraTgH_L

FREE 1700 DLRS (Free dollars from Yobit Exchange)
1. (no need of step 1,if U already have yobit account)
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Make Easy Money(No Limit)with,#1 Portal For BTC and Crypto Lovers! The #1 Portal For Bitcoin and Crypto LoversEquity Reward Prgram
10,000,000 shares in total.
First round: 1,000,000 shares (10% of the total capital) will be distributed among the participants.
A balance of 100,000 points entitles you to 1 share
A kind of crypto facebook. with Education-People-Groups-jobs-events-forums
Sign up - 500
Post a new post 20
Join the group 20
Comment on the post 20
Send a friend request 10
Get a like for your post 10
Comment on a group post 10
Accept a friend request 10
Visit your post 5.....etc.,
Refer a friend: 250
Points can be exchanged for crypto.(to check your points/share balance,click on the yellow square.)

Computta Smart Miner App
Turn Your Computer into a 24X7 Money Generator.
100% Autopilot.100% SAFE & 100% FREE.

Free 1mBTC(0.001) signup bonus
Potential to make 1800$(0.4BTC)/month!
5 Level ref.earnings!
Register > Download(100% SAFE) > Start Earning.

Easy BTC with making posts!
Just make posts and earn satoshi.
100 satoshi per thread & 10 sat.per each reply.
Min:1000 satoshi
FREE 10000 sat.!

(after registering you need to confirm and claim from faucet)
+Faucet+Offers,surveys,typing,games etc.,And Many new features 'coming'.
Admin. is active on discord.
No Captcha
30 min faucet
BTC,ETH,LTC+more +
PTC+short links+ offers +more ways!
Min:500 coins(Instant to Faucetpay)
You can withdraw coins earned in any coin form like BTC,LTC,ETH,TRX,Dash,Doge and more


7 to 11 Club Faucets(No minimum & Instant)
Only between 7 to 11 GMT
No Captcha-No popup
No minimum & Instant to Faucetpay or curvapay

Use USDT & USD address linked in your faucetpay or use account#

ZEN Faucet +
Many ways to earn rewards!
1 ZEN=$36
4 tier referral commissions!
Auto Payouts(can use [b]binance exchange
adress for withdrawl)[/b]
FREE TRX(tron) Every 6 min!
Get base claim or choose one of the 10 boxes &test your luck for more rewards.
Earn by staking too!
Min:0.0001TRX … c9HwUAXkrP

Spin the Wheel &Win up to 15k $-BTC & Many ways!-Daily FREE Spins(LEGIT&PAYING)
Get daily free spin news letters in email & Spin The Wheel of Fortune.
Also,Claim FREE satoshi --Up to $200 worth BTC Every Hour +Weekly BIG Lottery (up to 1 BTC !) & Many many other features!

Min:30000 satoshi (Instant & Slow)
REGISTER HERE,Offers,Surveys,Games,raffles & Many Many other ways to earn Crypto (LEGIT)
Faucet(as you choose):
Hrly Or Every 10 min.
100 - 500 Per Hour OR 125 - 600 Per Hour
& Offers,Surveys,Games,raffles & Many Many other ways to earn Crypto

Min:100000 coins.(daily withdrawals Every 12 hrs)
Claim satoshi-No Time Limit!
+Nice Lottery+Bitcoin Dice+ Slots

Min.30000 sat.
Previous Payout PROOFS: Here:  &
Satoshimonster----Smilar & sister site of Satoshihero
Claim satoshi-No Time Limit!+Nice Lottery+Bitcoin Dice+ Slots--Min.30000 sat.

Free-TETHER(USDT)/Doge/LTC/BCH/ETH----100% Legit & Honest Admin.ETH
Win up to 200$ worth Free ETH  Every Hour +Multiply  & Lottery!--Min: 0.00020 ETH
Win up to 200$ worth Free TETHER(USDT) Every Hour +Multiply  & Lottery!--Min: 0.5 USDT
Win up to 200$ worth Free-Litecoin Every Hour +Multiply  & Lottery!- Min: 0.00020 LTC

LTC Payout Proof: 7b4d2793a437b086...    1515828    2018-10-26 11:09:47    - 0.0051 LTC

Cointiply- Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin.
Faucet+multiplier+Offer walls+Games!
Free 100 coins with Sign Up
Loyalty bonus
Earn a bonus when you roll a prime number.
Hundreds of offers to choose from on our offer walls.
Watch short videos and earn Bitcoin.
Complete short surveys for huge Bitcoin rewards.
Earn Bitcoins for Playing Games
Recent 5th Payout:
Rigister HERE & Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin!

New! Fuzz Faucet-Best Micro Earning Site.
Signup Bonus: 1000 Fuzz coins
Daily Faucet
FREE FUZZ  for Daily Log In & Visit our Site Bonus.
New Coupon Codes Every Friday.
Use coupon code : ReleaseSite1 & Get 2500 Fuzz coins.
Many other ways to earn!
Withdrawl options: BTC,LTC,ETH,Doge etc.,


Min.w/d: $1
There are two ways to earn with this site.
1.Click: FREE BTC[LEGIT]--Claim up to 1000 satoshi Every Hour-Min: 2000 sat. &scroll down and click 'BTC Faucet' & close the tab.
2.Then click JOIN HERE & Click 'affiliate program' tab and then click ' register' & promote your links and earn with 3 level referral program.

[b]Clickbots--Simplest task.No captcha -No pop up!Lots of ads and many coins!!!
NEW PAYOUT: Unlimited  BTC/BCH/Doge/LTC  with simplest task.
No captcha -No pop up!
Click 'view'....Just allow the site open for just 10 sec -Back to the not and repeat.
Lots of ads and lots of coins

Es.btcnewz--5 min.Claims- BTC/LTC/TRX/ETH/BCH etc.+FREE 2500 ES-Coin+ Proof
5 min. Multi-Crypto Faucets
Claim BTC/LTC/TRX/ETH/BCH etc., Every 5 min.
Daily& Weekly  Bonuses
Exchange (like coinpot site)&
More.(Now 12 currencies)

FREE 2500 ES-Coin Sign up bonus (Can be exchanged to any coin)
Dashboard->'view'(just below any coin)->can choose faucet/exchange etc.,
For all coins you can use
5 min.faucet Claim+
Daily/weekly bonus Claim &
also when you want you can convert/exchange them to any coin,like
Min:11000 sat.(Direct &No fee for coinbase address)
Proof: … 108a8916b7
Chainge finance airdrop
Get 200 CHNG = 200$

Signup With Gmail And Verify : … 7fc64a7153
Then Click Your Profile And Complete All Tasks
Join Social media
Connect Your Twitter Account
Join watch list
Input Fusion Wallet address :

Globalcrypto Exchange Airdrop(NO KYC)
FREE 1,000 GCX ≈ 100 USD

Put your email in"Subscribe" --> Captcha and click the button.
& Confirm email to continue registration.
Global Crypto Exchange providing a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange 2.0 which is safe, secure and regulated with Tokens held of the exchange itself.
Global Crypto platform allows users to trade any cryptocurrency through a single point of access from anywhere at anytime.
Ends on 20 Mar 2021.

MAIAR-Quality airdrop!(nearly 80,000 people already and counting)
Maiar -A digital wallet and global payments app that allows you to exchange and securely store money on your mobile phone.
It is powered by the amazing technology of the Elrond blockchain, and is going to radically
change the way we interact with money.
Just register via email and confirm.
You will receive 100 points for each referral, which will be exchanged for ETH.

ThunderCore - TOTALLY FREE APPLICATION / KYC is not a requirement
FREE Thundercore(TT) Daily!Now 1 TT=0.007$[Already on Huobi, upbit, got it exchanges ]

ThunderCore is a public, permissionless, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain running on the worlds’ leading Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.  
Download the ThunderCore Hub on the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions below. … ode=KOYGVG
Sign in,scroll down to see sign up bonus
Bind referral code:. KOYGVG   to get more.
Claim daily bonus.
Hold TT & USD to earn rewards.
Also,using  wallet address in the app,you can use this faucet[] to  earn moreTT.

Easy $10 and above with LBRY [Already on many exchanges] !
Click 'Create account' Here [b]$/invite/5niRAwFg8KLw2b … HQcem8Td97
&verify email.
Instant withdrawal .NO minimum
Traded in coinex,Bittrex, hotbit,Upbit  [/b]

Earn Bitcoin Free With CryptoTab [LEGIT & PAYING] – Bitcoin Mining Browser With 10 Levels Of Referrals.
CryptoTab Browser is a free lightweight browser empowered with additional functionality for Bitcoin mining. It can be personalized according to Your wishes with thousands of available extensions to extend the browser’s functionality and make Your browsing experience fast and comfortable.
Payouts straight to BTC wallet at any timePayouts straight to BTC wallet at any time
Download And Install CryptoTab Browser  Here

Earn UNLIMITED doge for captchas(click -fill captchas- after login) &
30 min.Faucet &Other ways like interest%,urlshortner etc.,Min: 0.1 doge (Instant to faucetpay)

REGISTER HERE Captcha- No work.
FREE 58567 satoshi+ Daily Auto Earnings!+
2.Click 'bonus' (It will be credited after joiniing their telegram channel))
Can  earn BTC or other  many coins daily with their auto trading bots bots too,if interested.
Low minimum INSTANT withdrawls
Receive unlimited $25 worth BTC (even without referrals)
Technology, Educational and Rewards Program --Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!”

1.Join Here:
2.Their youtube channel : … ISBlJTB7mA

Roll (up to 55000 satoshi) Every Hour + Dice, GEm, Slot games.
Bonus: Verify your email to get 10 free spins and double your faucet rewards for 3 days!

Min: 30000 sat.

The BIG BEST exchanges
Very low fee
Up to 2 BTC daily w/d limit without KYC!
+ Their own coins/shares &  dividends.
And much more.....many features.

Mobile App
Good Customer Support
Register Exchange -No KYC.
Multicoin faucets
Click 'faucets' &  Claim as many coins as you want &
Convert them to BTC and withdraw!


Idle-empire(Legit & sponsored by STEEM)
FREE 500 points(Sign Up Bonus)+Many Ways!

Earn points &  Redeem.(1000 points=about 1600 sat.)
Simple Tasks,Offers, Videos, crypto mine,Surveys etc.,
Payout via BTC,LTC,ETH:Giftcards;PM etc.,

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