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[ANN] Relictum Pro | Blockchain 5.0 of the latest generation

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⚡️The first mark is passed!

Dear Community!

💥 The number of transactions in RelictumPro MainNet has exceeded the mark of 100,000 transactions!




🌏 Dear members of the Relictum Pro community! Dear Investors!

⚡️ The сumulative update of our application version 1.38.1 is available now!

🔹 The USD rate for user tokens created with a specified price in USD is added.
🔹 The timer showing the current time in the node now triggers once a minute (instead of an unnecessary update once a second).
🔹 The partial block loading bug is fixed.
🔹 The Partial block loading (in test mode).
🔹 Empty display of token name in API/transactions request for token burn operation is fixed.
🔹 The transaction data format to execute API/treasury/burn request is changed.
🔹 The fee for USDR creation operation (treasury) is added.
🔹 The headers for translation frames and copying address are fixed now.
🔹 The bug of quitting the program installed via TestFlight (iOS) is fixed.
🔹 Displaying the total balance of wallets in BTC using 8 decimal places is added.
🔹 Displaying the "Recipient Address" name in the transaction information for the debit transaction is added.
🔹 The forging frame (header positioning and scrolling handling) is fine-tuned.

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💸Royalty on May 01, 2021. A new stage

💫 GTN token holders have received their royalties in USDR tokens, which you can easily exchange for USDT using the Relictum Finance system.

📲 Check your wallets, you will be pleasantly surprised!

🏄‍♂️And we are moving on: the next royalty accrual date is May 15th.

🎁As for those who have not yet managed to buy GTN tokens – we advise you to hurry up because new surprises and payouts are waiting for you.

💡Reminder! Royalties are awarded only to those users who have imported GTN tokens into the RNode app!



🌏Dear Relictum Pro community!

⚡️Update 1.38.4 is available now.

🔹Refactoring the list of accounts on the form.
🔹Connecting to the network by default when you first start the program (mainnet).
🔹Fee for uploading files in USDR.
🔹Fee for creating tokens in USDR.
🔹API/royalty was updated considering GTN holders ignored when calculating royalties.
🔹The interface of the node update form was updated.
🔹The creation of a USDR wallet when registering a user with 1000 USDR accrual was added (no accrual on the mainnet).
🔹Refactoring storage forms.
🔹RLC was removed from the forging token list.
🔹The critical error when requesting blocks was fixed (master chain).

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Вы здесь » Биткоин (Bitcoin) форум: криптовалюты » 🌍 English - Bitcoin Forum » [ANN] Relictum Pro | Blockchain 5.0 of the latest generation