A 1inch clone script is nothing but the exact replication of a 1inch exchange platform with added features and functionality. 1inch clone script allows the users to lend cryptocurrency loaning with possible best interest rate. It also offers you a number of rewards for lending cryptocurrencies.
1inch clone script is an Decentralized exchange platform that runs on the ethereum blockchain. It is of Ethereum token standard with ERC20 token.

Features of 1inch clone script:
Low gas fee
Own right to funds
No KYC verification needed
Highly secure platform

Wallet that supported by 1inch clone script :

Wallet link
Wallet connect

Where to get the best featured 1inch clone script:
In the crypto space there are a number of DeFi Development companies available. Choosing the best one will be a little arduous task, So i recommend you “WeAlwin technologies” - A leading DeFi DEX aggregator development company with a team of experts. They will help you develop your 1inch clone script with the developed advanced features and functionalities. Their 1inch clone script is fully developed with best security features and performance. If you are looking to develop your DeFi DEX aggregator like 1inch, get connected with the best team.

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